Transfer Pricing Manager

Comprehensive management of transfer pricing risk

Transfer Pricing Manager (TPM) is an advanced tool for comprehensive management of the process of drawing up tax documentation in groups of companies and in entities that each year effect many transactions with related entities.

TPM is a unique IT solution in the Polish market, created and authored by SWGK experts, who gathered their experience in transfer pricing as part of the delivery of several hundred projects, preparing several thousand tax documentations.

Apart from the basic function, which is preparing transfer pricing documentation, TPM offers a range of additional functionalities:

  • facilitates management of the process of preparing transfer pricing documentation: from identification of transactions, through data collection and analysis, to creation of tax documentation,
  • allows centralisation and significant automation of the process of preparing documentation,
  • allows significant reduction of time and cost – thanks to the options of creating ‘time version’ documentation (for the subsequent years) and ‘mirror’ documentation (for the counterparty to the transaction); the function of creating ‘mirror’ versions also ensures consistency across the documentation drawn up within a group,
  • facilitates coordination of the work of the team responsible for drawing up documentation – thanks to the task management module,
  • allows storage of prepared documentation with all attachments in the database (agreements, guarantees, analyses and market data) in any format (PDF, JPG, Microsoft Office files),
  • the program is aligned with the current requirements of Polish regulations and with the OECD’s guidelines with regard to transfer pricing,
  • the program has an option of integration with the Client's F-K and ERP systems, allowing to automate the identification of transactions, for which transfer pricing documentation is required,
  • TPM is also available with an interface in English, German and Italian, allowing to implement it in international capital groups,
  • the licence is granted for an unlimited number of workstations and it allows to create tax documentation without quantitative limitations,
  • substantive support for TPM is provided by certified auditors, tax advisors, lawyers and accountants from SWGK, ensuring it is always compliant with the current regulations.

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