IT Solutions


Increasing IT use in of highly developed societies requires that companies adapt to the evolving business and IT environment. SWGK experts know how important new technologies are in management and how they foster business growth. We actively participate in the process; therefore, we anticipate the needs of our Clients and create solutions for supporting management of companies, computerisation of accounting and reporting and compiling financial information.

Our experience

Our IT products were implemented and are successfully used both by small and medium enterprises, domestic groups of companies and also by Polish branches of international corporations.

Our Clients include entities, among others, from such sectors as IT, telecommunications, construction, power, defence, maritime, home appliances manufacturing, waste management, metallurgy and venture capital funds.

Our IT products:

Transfer Pricing Manager (TPM) is an advanced software application, created and authored by SWGK experts, supporting management of the transfer pricing risk in groups of companies.

TPM program:

  • facilitates management of the process of preparing transfer pricing documentation: from identification of transactions, through data collection and analysis, to creation of tax documentation,
  • allows significant automation of the process of preparing documentation, thus reducing time and cost,
  • allows to coordinate work of the team responsible for drawing up documentation – via the task management module,
  • allows the storage of prepared documentation with all attachments in the database (agreements, guarantees, analyses and market data) in any format (PDF, JPG, Microsoft Office files),
  • is adjusted to the current requirements of Polish regulations and aligned with the OECD’s guidelines with regard to transfer pricing.

Transfer Pricing Manager is meant for capital groups and entities that effect multiple transactions with related entities.

For more information, check here or visit our website (TP documentations) – is the first wizard for transfer pricing documentation in the polish market. The application is an innovative and unique online application for self-preparation of transfer pricing documentation, required pursuant to art. 9a of the CIT Act and art. 25a of the PIT Act of the taxpayers who transact with related entities.

The application, developed by SWGK experts, has:

  • a friendly interface,
  • the system of prompts and context help – guiding the user step by step through the process of drawing up documentation,
  • the possibility of preparing complete tax documentation, ready for submitting to tax authorities in case of control. 

The program is offered to:

  • small and medium enterprises effecting up to twenty transactions with related entities a year,
  • employees responsible for drawing up transfer pricing documentation in companies: chief accountants, accounting department employees,
  • accounting companies or tax consultancy companies providing services related to preparing documentation for their clients.

The program is available on the website More information can also be found here.

Easy XBRL Reporting (EXR) is the only software in the Polish market for drawing up full financial statements, developed using the revolutionary XBRL technology.

The software was created as a response to the growing market demand for unified standard of drawing up and reporting of data from financial statements.

The main features of EXR include:

  • a friendly and intuitive interface, allowing to create complete financial statements in a simple way,
  • embedded calculation formulae that exclude the risk of errors,
  • validation function, allowing automated reconciliation of data included in notes with the data from the balance sheet or P&L,
  • automated updates, allowing creating financial statements in line with the Polish Accounting Act or IAS/IFRS,
  • ready-made, complete templates for financial statements,
  • importing data from the statements of turnover and balances from F-K programs,
  • automated population of the balance sheet and P&L with data from the current statement of turnover and balances,
  • an option of drawing up consolidated financial statements.

The development of the application was supported by European Union subsidy as part of the Innovative Economy programme.

EXR is the first such comprehensive tool for supporting the creation of financial statements. The application significantly reduces the workload in drawing up annual, semi-annual, or quarterly financial statements.

For more information about Easy XBRL Reporting, visit

CIMS Investor Relations

CIMS Investor Relations application is dedicated for managing investor relations of listed companies. Created based on the Act on trading in securities, the Act on public offering and the Ordinance of the Minister of Finance on current and periodical reports, CIMS allows creating, management and publication of reports as part of the information obligations of listed companies. It also allows for efficient management of information flow in management and supervisory authorities of public joint-stock companies.

For more information visit our website

CIMS Controlling

CIMS Controlling is a web application of confederate nature, created to support system of external control (controlling).

This application allows a permanent and content-related control of financial resources spent by units, which subject to control and verification of legitimacy and purposefulness of incurred expenses.

CIMS Application is :

  • An access to data through a web browser,
  • A constants monitoring of expenditures and a function of recognition of expenditures,
  • An actual information about a current budget achievement (online access to reports about incurred costs in a given period of time, a comparison to the budget and an access to reference documents)
  • An insight into a financial situation of a unit according to financial and operational indicators, which are available in a report system,
  • Transparent graphics models of budget achievement, which allows to supervise a progress of investments in easy way,
  • A possibility to supervision of several projects in the same time and stay anonymous thanks to confederate nature of the application,
  • A cooperation with a financial and accounting system.