SWGK Offers advice on development opportunities

Our main goal in business consulting is supporting the Client in developing business operations and maximising economic benefits. With an extensive knowledge and long-standing experience of our specialists, we create safe, advanced and innovative solutions that indicate the most effective and efficient business paths for our Clients.


We finalised equity transactions for companies from construction, manufacturing, telecommunications, and IT industries. We provide on-going consultancy to companies from the power and manufacturing sector as well as financial institutions.

Last year, we concluded valuations of  enterprises for the total assets of almost PLN 4,000,000,000.

We participated in IPOs of several dozens companies. We also provided consultancy in privatisation processes, including a privatisation of a company strategic for Polish economy from the food and beverage sector, with the issue value of PLN 1,200,000,000.

When delivering consulting projects, we work with the top Polish law firms.


Valuation and business modelling:

  • business valuation and financial modelling
  • determining the market value of transactions, including the valuation of in-kind contributions and organised part of companies
  • valuation of intangible assets (know-how, trademarks, IT, etc.)
  • preparing financial models for the valuation of business scenarios
  • consultancy and valuation in lawsuits

Transaction advisory, M & A:

  • due diligence
  • analysis of transaction risks and benefits
  • shaping the structure of transactions based on due diligence report and valuation
  • advice on setting optimal business structures within the company and the Group
  • determining optimal parity in integration processes

Financial institutions:

  • developing and implementing risk management procedures
  • analysing the loan / deposit portfolio

Other business consulting services:

  • business and economic strategies
  • financial feasibility analysis
  • building an optimal investment portfolio
  • market analysis

Assistance in financing raising:

  • preparing financial models with indication of cost of capital (including cost of equity and cost of debt)
  • preparing financial parts of prospectuses or information memorandum
  • assistance in dept finance raising
  • negotiating with financial institutions