By keeping the accounting records of our Clients, we offer support in making business decisions by providing current and reliable information about the company’s assets and financial result. We provide our Clients with an individual Account Manager whose primary task is to choose the solutions most effective for the Client’s business. We keep the accounting books and offer the Client direct access to other, complementary services (tax, accounting, and financial advisory).

We are available to our clients in offices in Poznań and Katowice (our offices).


We provide accounting and personnel/payroll services to over 150 Clients, including entities quoted on Warsaw Stock Exchange. We provide accounting supervision services, among others, to entities from industrial manufacturing and food and beverage sectors.

We have implemented and provide services related to controlling and online accounting, among others, to a group of companies managing venture capital funds.


Financial and accounting outsourcing:

  • bookkeeping
  • tax settlement and reporting (VAT, CIT, PIT))
  • reporting to the Polish Central Statistical Office, National Bank of Poland and Intrastat
  • management reporting
  • preparing annual financial statements
  • handling the audit of financial statements
  • representing the taxpayer in the case of tax audits

Accounting supervision:

  • current verification of books of accounts on a monthly basis
  • review of tax returns and other reports (Central Statistical Office, National Bank of Poland)
  • support during tax and social security audits
  • ongoing consultation in accounting and taxation
  • supervising the preparation of annual financial statements
  • verification of the annual personal income tax and corporate income tax return (CIT-8)

Financial and accounting consulting:

  • developing accounting policy with a list of accounts tailored to the specific nature of the Client’s business
  • identification of cost centres in accordance with the Client’s needs and preparing individual management reports
  • support in the preparation of budgets and financial analyses
  • advisory in adjusting IT systems to accounting requirements and to financial reporting
  • advisory in the organisation of financial and accounting departments (including temporary replacement of the chief accounting officer)

Online accounting and controlling:

  • bookkeeping in the Client’s system
  • electronic system of document circulation
  • access to online reports

Outsourcing kadrowo – płacowy:

  • keeping employee personal files
  • keeping employee leave records
  • making the necessary employee registrations in Tax Offices and Social Security offices
  • preparing payrolls (calculating salaries and deductions)
  • preparing bank transfers related to payrolls and tax obligations
  • preparing individual information about the remuneration
  • preparing and submitting tax returns, social security declarations and PFRON (State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons) declarations
  • preparing work contracts for employees and drafting staff regulations
  • preparing other reports requested by the Client