EXR software and exrpoland.pl are about to be launched

Oct 21 2011

Lasting more than two years works by HLB Sarnowski & Wiśniewski on authorial application to create financial reports named Easy-XBRL- Reporting (EXR) are coming to an end.

Premiere of the program and a national advertising campaign will begin in early November, with the launch of the portal exrpoland.pl. Website devoted entirely to the application, in addition to the purchase of licenses for EXR Easy XBRL Reporting, will provide free trial version of the program, training materials, and the most important information about the application.

EXR Easy-XBRL-Reporting is an innovative tool for financial reporting, based on the latest technological solutions. EXR program is to prepare financial statements in an automated way, based on cutting-edge technology such as XBRL used for financial reporting purposes on the stock exchanges in Singapore, New York and Tokyo.

HLB Sarnowski & Wisniewski Sp z o.o. was the first entity in Poland that created a complete taxonomy on the basis of the Accounting Act, the taxonomy is now prepared in accordance with IAS / IFRS. The taxonomy is a dictionary that defines the terms used in the financial statements, allowing for advanced processing and publication of data contained in the financial statements.

Innovativeness of EXR is supported by the grant funding from the European Union under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy.